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Kids Cupcake Decorating Ideas

kids cupcake decorating ideas

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05 février 2007. Cupcakes

05 février 2007.  Cupcakes

Tribeca Treats, NYC.

Tribeca Treats' PB&J cupcake is one of my most favorite cupcakes EVER, next to sugar Sweet sunshine's pistachio cupcake. YUM-O! I love that the yellow cupcake was so freaking fresh and the top was just a bit crispy/crunchy (a nice explosion in my mouth!). Why I love the PB&J cupcake is that they put a thin layer of jelly on top of the cupcake, add in the yummy peanut butter frosting, and then add a dollop of jelly on top. It's like an orgasm in the mouth!

The past three times I have been to Tribeca Treats, the employees have been so friendly and nice. I was disappointed tonight when I arrived and they didn't have the PB&J cupcake, but the girl behind the counter was like, "I can make you a PB&J cupcake if you want!" That totally made my day.

Winter Cupcakes

Winter Cupcakes

Cupcakes for my Christmas Potluck at work! Chocolate with Vanilla bean buttercream, Coconut with Coconut buttercream and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

kids cupcake decorating ideas

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